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How to maintain granite

New laying of granite should not be done on the ground floor wax and facial wax: why the new end of the granite surface is not suitable as a wax and facial wax, we can do a comparison and marble it can come to a conclusion. Marble surface regardless of new old, are is by calcium carbonate Crystal composition, particles big, so pore big, even after detailed of carefully polishing, in microscope Xia still can see rugged of interface, this subtle of pore for fell wax for is advantages:, coated Shang end of wax Shi, end of wax molecular volume small, penetration force strong, again plus hair fine role, soon end of wax was adsorption in marble surface and into film, dang end of wax in of water completely volatile Hou, adsorption force more big, this adsorption force vital, It is used against personnel and drag forces imposed on its surface, without making the wax out of the ground. And for new laying of granite ground, it main of components for quartz, and Mica, and long stone of Crystal, density big, hardness very high, again plus artificial polishing, makes granite surface several no pore, so dang fell wax of when, end of wax cannot penetration, no hair fine role, certainly also on no or only is weak of adsorption force, such of wax surface Dang personnel in it above walking of when, is easy on off, makes fell wax work futile. In view of this situation, for the newly laid granite, laid within six months to one year after, simply use the abrasive cleaning and maintenance spray wax to prevent stains into the granite, and maintained its surface brightness. Because of the flow of people to walk through every day is different, different, wear and tear on the granite surface of varying degrees, over a period of time.

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