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Based On Experimental Study On Progressive Failure Of Granite Constitutive Model

From dadu River basin in Dagang power plant presents an experimental study on the granite, obtained under different confining stress-strain curve. According to the micro-cracks in rock samples under stress active 4 characteristics of stress is defined, which is crack closure stress, stress, stress damage, peak stress, to reflect the progressive failure process of granite, characteristics of stress also reflects the damage inside the rock. According to stress, the curve is divided into 4 stages, and each stage calculated modulus and Poisson's ratio. Results show that deformation modulus is not only concerned with confining pressure, and damage related with rocks, and Poisson ratio depends only on the rock damage. Characteristics of stress can be the volumetric strain curve is linear regression technique accurately calculated. On this basis is presented taking into account progressive failure of granite constitutive model. In this model, deformation (elastic modulus and Poisson's ratio) is a function of stress and strength (cohesion and internal friction angle) is a function of plastic deformation. The model embedded finite element program ABAQUS, on granite under different confining laboratory compression tests for simulation, results showed that the simulation of the stress-strain curve and the experimental curves obtained a higher degree model can reflect the pre-peak nonlinear mechanical behavior of brittle rocks such as granite.

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