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Based On The High Stress And Mechanical Deformation Properties
Edit: Xiamen Maoshuang Stone Industry Co.,Ltd    Date: Mar 28, 2016

For has high stress conditions Xia unloading surrounding pressure and increases axis pressure of granite unloading load test, description has unloading load process in the rock progressive damage of stress-strain curve and mechanical parameter injury bad of law; analysis has can better reflect rock unloading load strength damage features of Mogi-Coulomb guidelines and strength parameter changes law: established has rock by pressure cut rupture gradually transition to Zhang cut damage of progressive evolution system. On this basis, through the unloading failure played a major role in lateral deformation of rock under compression-shear Mogi-Coulomb guidelines and linked to tension-shear Mogi-Coulomb guidelines, established a new strength criterion for describing the unloading of rock progressive failure. Unloading test based on these results, combined with progressive failure of rock unloading stress. Strain curves in strain space are derived by considering deformation parameters of rock mechanics damage and deterioration effect, lateral deformation, unloading of evolutionary mechanism of progressive failure mechanics constitutive equations.

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